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As the coal industry’s first publicly traded master limited partnership (NASDAQ ticker symbol ‘ARLP’), Alliance is the largest coal producer in the Illinois Basin and the 2nd largest coal producer in the eastern United States.

With mining operations in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia and Maryland, we control more than 1.7 billion tons of coal reserves and have positioned ourselves as a preferred supplier of thermal coal to large U.S. utilities and industrial customers.

With strategically located operations, Alliance offers multiple transport options including direct rail, direct barge and truck. We can supply a wide variety of coal specifications including a range of BTU heat content products, coal with low-, mid- and high-sulfur content and coal with low- or high-chlorine content. These factors combine to give Alliance the ability to provide significant contract flexibility with respect to the quality mix, volume, and sourcing, making Alliance an attractive option to supply a demanding and diverse market.

Our strategy focuses on growth through high-return organic development projects and disciplined acquisitions, while maintaining a strong balance sheet. We work hard to make sure we take advantage of growth opportunities that fit, and work equally hard to make sure we pass on those that don’t. This discipline has allowed Alliance to build a portfolio of well-located, low-cost, long-lived operations which produce a variety of products and generate stable cash flows.

Financial Performance ARLP Peer Median Peer Average
EBITDA / Income (x) 2.01 NA NA
Debt / Equity (x) 0.50 NA NA
ROAE 26.55 NA NA
Operating Performance
Coal Sold NA NA NA
Coal Reserves NA NA NA
Data for trailing four quarters

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