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Promoting Better Health

TR Health CenterAlliance offers on-site medical services to all of our employees and their families. We have fully furnished physician's offices at all of our operations and anyone covered under our health plan can stop by without incurring a co-pay or co-insurance of any kind

Raymond D. Wells PSC, Alliance's on-site medical provider, serves employees and their families and collaborates with regional and national centers of excellence, including The Cleveland Clinic and the University of Kentucky, to obtain world-class specialty care.

Built to Last

Raymond D. Wells PSC works year-round to ensure that everyone in the Alliance family is Built to Last.  Alliance offers consultation and competitive health coverage to help our employees and their families deal with common medical issues such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, high blood pressure and weight maintenance.



The Built to Last program focuses on the "Core 4": Eat Right, Move It, Use a Coach and Live Smart.  Our doctors and nurses (the "Coaches") develop individualized plans to help participants achieve healthy goals.