Mines & Facilities

We currently operate seven mining complexes in two operating regions: Illinois Basin and Appalachia.

At December 31, 2021, our mining operations had access to approximately 547.1 million tons of proven and probable coal mineral reserves and 1.17 billion tons of measured, indicated and inferred coal mineral resources in Illinois, Indiana,Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. All of our measured, indicated and inferred coal mineral resources and 422.9 million tons of our coal mineral reserves are owned or leased by Alliance Resource Properties and are currently leased or subleased or held for lease or sublease to our mining operations or others. We produce a diverse range of thermal and metallurgical coal with varying sulfur and heat contents, which enables us to satisfy the broad range of specifications required by our customers. In 2021, we sold 32.3 million tons of coal and produced 32.2 million tons. Of the 32.3 million tons sold, approximately two-thirds was leased from Alliance Resource Properties. The coal we sold in 2021 was approximately 14.2% low-sulfur coal, 50.3% medium-sulfur coal, and 35.5% high-sulfur coal. In 2021, approximately 81.6% of our tons sold were purchased by domestic electric utilities and 12.5% were sold into the international markets through brokered transactions. The balance of our tons sold was to third-party resellers and industrial consumers. For tons sold to domestic electric utilities, 99.9% were sold to utility plants with installed pollution control devices. The Btu content of our coal ranges from 11,450 to 13,200.