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The Winning Lineup
Why Alliance
  • Alliance is the third-largest coal producer in the eastern United States, producing 38.8 million tons during 2013.
  • Alliance is a leader in mining safety, with a lost-time-accident incidence rate that was 31% below the national average for bituminous underground coal mines.
  • Alliance has increased cash distributions to unitholders for 26 consecutive quarters reflecting a history of robust growth.
Why Coal?
  • ARLP coal is the feedstock to deliver reasonably-priced electricity to American communities. That power gives industries muscle, makes homes comfortable, drives communication networks, provides links to all forms of entertainment and illuminates the way.
  • The United States currently consumes an estimated 3.8 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity on an annual basis. Coal remains the largest source for that power, last year fueling 42 percent of the electricity generated in the U.S. American coal consumption is expected to grow for years to come.
  • Chart-US Coal Demand
Why Now?
  • In 2013, Alliance had a record year in safety, production, coal sales, revenues, and EBITDA and expects 2014 to yield further record results.
  • Alliance has increased cash distributions to unitholders for 26 consecutive quarters, and we project distributions in 2014 to grow at a pace similar to 2013.
  • Expansion projects continue to strengthen our presence in the strategic Illinois Basin and Northern Appalachia markets.
  • Alliance has forged strong, long-standing relationships with our customers. Long-term contracts provide stability to Alliance‚Äôs performance during inevitable economic cycles and also result in greater sales volume and price predictability.
  • Our five-year planning horizon expands Alliance's resources and positions our business for emerging opportunites.