Fact Sheet

  • Second-largest eastern U.S. coal producer
  • Began mining operations in 1971
  • Has a high percentage of sales tied to long-term contracts
  • Sold 35.6 million tons of coal in 2022
  • Produces a diverse range of steam coals, satisfying a broad range of customer specifications
  • Operates seven underground mining complexes in five states - Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland and West Virginia and also operates a coal-loading terminal on the Ohio River at Mt. Vernon, Indiana
  • Mining operations are near major utility generating plants
  • Generate royalty income from mineral interests in premier oil & gas producing regions in the United States, primarily the Anadarko, Permian, Williston and Appalachian basins
  • Trades tax-advantaged, high-yield common units on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol "ARLP"

Coal Reserves

Our coal reserve base is significant enough to preserve the Partnership's continuity over the long term. The coal reserves reported by Alliance are those that we believe can be economically and legally extracted or produced. We currently have approximately 580.7 million tons of proven and probable coal mineral reserves and 1.17 billion tons of measured, indicated and inferred coal mineral resources in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia..

Our reserve estimates are based on geological data that is analyzed by Alliance's staff of geologists and engineers. The data is gathered through extensive and ongoing exploratory drilling and in-mine channel sampling programs.

Additionally, our criteria adhere to standards as defined by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The following table defines Alliance's coal reserves as of December 31, 2022, by mining complex.

Location Proven & Probable Reserves
  (Tons in Millions)
Illinois Basin Operations  
Warrior (KY) 59.7
River View (KY) 204.7
Hamilton County (IL) 125.9
Gibson (South) (IN) 49.0
Appalachia Operations  
MC Mining  (KY) 11.1
Mountain View (WV) 10.3
Tunnel Ridge (PA/WV) 120.0

TOTAL 580.7


In 2022, we sold 35.6 million tons of coal and produced 35.5 million tons. The coal we sold in 2022 was approximately 4.4% low-sulfur coal, 60.4% medium-sulfur coal, and 35.2% high-sulfur coal. In 2022, approximately 82.4% of our tons sold were purchased by domestic electric utilities and 12.5% were sold into the international markets through brokered transactions. The balance of our tons sold was to third-party resellers and industrial consumers. For tons sold to domestic electric utilities, 100.0% were sold to utility plants with installed pollution control devices. The Btu content of our coal ranges from 11,450 to 13,200.